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About Tory

Getting ready to run the Tacoma Marathon. Marathon 76!

For many years I dealt with being overweight, then obese, and finally morbidly obese. I tried and failed at diets many times. Finally after learning to love myself exactly the way I was; fat and fabulous, I was ready to make the change. I used Weight Watchers online to mold my eating from a “traditional” Western diet, into a healthy diet that was easy to sustain.

More than ten years later I am still journaling daily. I have changed from a card-carrying couch potato to healthy, fitness-minded personal trainer and running coach. Now I help people with weight loss and making small sustainable changes even when life throws you a curve ball.

I have been reading about clean eating for a long time, and I eat probably 70% clean already, but I’m ready to lean into clean!

I am also a wife, high school IT teacher, a Personal Trainer, running coach, and weight loss coach. I run, bike, swim, kayak, hike, and spend time with my husband. We’ve been married since 1985 and we currently have five dogs and a cat. My funky little family is a joy, particularly since my brain hemorrhage last year. I am obviously doing a lot better, but I still suffer from daily chronic headaches and it can get me down. Thank heavens for puppy snugs to lift me back up!

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