Journey fitness has a variety of training plans to fit your needs. Some people just need a gentle nudge.

Others want someone to be with them every step of the way.

Whatever your needs, let's work together to meet your goals.


Training Plans

I have a variety of plans to meet your needs. My main areas of focus are working one-on-one either in person or online using my online training program, and running classes designed for groups and individuals.

Individual Training Programs



Price Structure

First time consultation

Before I can design a program for you, we have to get to know each other. During our individual consultation we will meet and go over your history fitness goals. Before we meet, you will get me information I need to set up your individual training program. When we meet, we will discuss things that impact you life, and how we can overcome those. The first consultation is free with no obligation. However due to a few no-shows, I request a $10 deposit on all consultations that require me to travel. The $10 can be applied to any service, or refunded if you decide not to go with me.

An initial consultation is required of all in-person clients.


Note: Payment only "accepted" if client does not show for meeting, or cancels with less than 24 hours notice.

Individual training my place

By appointment

Once we've set up your fitness goals, we will meet at least once a month to discuss your journey and change your individual program. We will also go through a workout with new exercises, or add some challenge to the old. If something isn't working for you, we'll fix it together. Consultations will include discussion, and with the time left we'll do a workout together. If you don't want to talk, we'll just work out!

Each personal training visit comes with one month of online access free! The five package program includes six months of online access.

$50 at my studio

Five package program $225

Individual training, your local gym or home.

By appointment

After we've had our initial meeting, I can meet you to work out at your gym* or in your home within the Marysville, Arlington, Everett, or Lynnwood areas. Tell me what you want to work on and I will walk you through how to get there. Our focus will be proper form and building fitness slowly so you get results. After the session I will create a personalized fitness program for you to use until we meet again.

Each personal training visit comes with one month of online access free! The five package program includes six months of online access.

*Please obtain a guest pass before our session if we're working out in your gym.

If you are interested in training outside of these areas, please contact me before purchasing a session.

$60 per visit

Five package program $275

Individual running coaching

By appointment

Are you ready to run your first 5k? Have you run your first 5k and want to tackle a 10k? Half marathon? Marathon? I will meet with you and set up an individualized training plan. We will run together each of our sessions so I can evaluate your stride. I'll help you through running injuries, picking the right shoes, stretching, and equipment. I can't promise to turn you into an Olympic gold medalist, but I can help you become a lifelong runner who can't wait to get out on the roads every day.

Programs include one on one training, strength plan, training emails, and one workout together per week.

  • 5k or 10k training $60/session or $400/8 sessions
  • Speed workout $50/session or $300/8 sessions (must be injury free and able to run 3 miles without stopping, includes strength program)
  • Half Marathon 10 week plan $400 for individual training
  • Full Marathon 16 week plan, $500 for individual training

Group rates available.

Choose Your Plan

Journey Fitness Classes

Get off the couch and RUN!

Ready to walk or run your first 5k? I will help you with a program that gently takes you from walking to running and will join you at a local 5k to run you across the finish line. We will meet once a week for eight weeks leading up to the 5k. At each session I will provide information on an important aspect of running; stretching, nutrition, rest days, gear, etc. When race day comes you will be ready to toe the line and will have a life-changing experience!

Train for a 5k with me!

Click here for information on current classes

Weekly training run.

  • Optional mid-week run open to family and friends.
  • Seminars
  • Eight week training plan to take you from the sofa to the start line.

The program is open to runners and walkers!

If our current schedule doesn't work for you, and you have at least four friends who will commit to training together for eight weeks, contact me. We can set up a personalized program just for your group!


We target the following 5ks throughout the year*:

  • St. Paddy's Day Dash in March
  • Race for the Cure in June
  • AFLAC Irongirl in September
  • Jingle Bell Run in December


*Registration for 5k is not included, nor required.

Base Building Class

If you've already tackled the 5k and want a new challenge, we'll find a 10k (or similar distance) to run. Like the 5k clinic, I'll run you through your paces! I will always have time for individual questions and concerns, and will address issues that come up as you increase your mileage.

Contact me to set up a program. Minimum of 5 runners or walkers.

$65 for eight week session or $85 for twelve+ weeks (includes shirt). May run concurrent to 5k sessions or half marathon training.


Payable first day of class, contact me for information.

Marathon or Half Marathon Walk or Run

Seattle hosts two marathons a year, the Rock and Roll in June and the Seattle Marathon in November! If you're considering a first marathon or half marathon, this is one of the BEST ones to start with.

Training for half and full marathoners runs from 16-20 weeks, and is held at Jennings Park in Marysville. The program will take you from the couch to the starting line and will include:

  • Personalized training plan
  • Group runs on Saturday mornings
  • Mid-week runs (optional)
  • Discounts at our local running store
  • Seminars
  • Run support (water/gels as needed)
  • Free tech shirt
  • Other benefits

If you have another marathon or half marathon you are interested, contact me and we can work out a program!

Click here for information on our current half/full marathon training program!

$200 per person

We target the following marathons through the year:

  • Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon in June
  • Seattle Marathon in November


I can also accomodate:

  • Portland Marathon
  • New York City Marathon
  • Chicago Marathon
  • or other October/November marathons as well as May/June marathons

While I can't guarantee to run EVERY one with you, I will run many of them. I have traveled to the Walt Disneyworld Marathon, The Portland Marathon, the Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon, the Las Vegas Marathon, and the Nike Womens Marathon to participate with my clients! What can I say, I love to run and I especially love to share my running with others!

Booty Busting Bootcamp

Get fit! Become a stronger runner! Commit to weekly Fitness!

Whatever your reason, Booty Busting Bootcamp is for you!

Bootcamps take place outdoor all year around on Monday and Wednesday evenings. We use a variety of methods and tools for one solid hour of nonstop fitness!

Torch up to 800 calories in one hour in this fun, intense program that will get you the RESULTS you want!

Classes may include kettle bells, jogging/walking, dumbbells, fitness bands, rocker boards, medicine balls, body weight exercises, and every class ends with a solid core workout and stretching.

Click on the link to register and find out more about the bootcamp that has been nominated as One of the Best Bootcamps on the Pacific Northwest!


Bootcamp cards can be purchased through the City of Marysville. Get a 10 punch card and a free class when that is filled, making bootcamp less than $5 per session!

Cards can be used either for bootcamp or for drop in Saturday runs!

Purchase your punch cards here!


Journey Fit Club

Have you tried just about every program out there, but still can't reach your goal weight? I've been there! I tried to lose weight for YEARS before I finally found the perfect combination of right frame of mind, right program, and proper preparation that enabled me to lose 100 pounds and keep it off since December 2002!

Journey Fit Club combines the benefits of journaling with working on mental, physical, and emotional preparation to get you started on making healthy food and fitness choices!

Each 8 week class includes:

  • Journey Fit Club Workbook written by Tory Klementsen
  • Journey Nutrition full nutrition program to help you make the right choices
  • Group meetings with other like-minded people ready to make a change
  • Group fitness program geared towards your current activity level

Class is limited to just 20 people per class, so don't hesitate! Join now. You have nothing to lose but WEIGHT!

Register through the City of Marysvlle Website. If you are uncertain about the class, and want more information call Tory at 425.238.6273. We can meet and discuss your goals with NO PRESSURE. Just two people having a cup of coffee and talking about our shared goals!

Click here to get more information and register for the next Journey Fit Club

Online Weight Loss Coaching and Personal Training Only

Online Run Coaching

Do you have a finish line in your future, but aren't sure where to start? Whether you're looking to train for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon I can help coach you to your first, your first in while, or your 301st race!

My focus is to help you get to the start line uninjured and feeling confident that you'll make it to the finish line smiling and vertical!

The program includes:

  • Personal fitness evaluation in person (local) or by phone
  • Fully personalized training schedule.
  • Weekly overview of expectations for the week, and recap of your training from the week before.
  • Adjustments to your schedule, as needed.
  • Unlimited email support
  • Monthly phone/skype consultation available
  • Personalized cross training workouts
  • Guidance on stretching, cross training, fueling, hydrating, and preparing for race day.
  • Instant message chats as needed
  • Online forum

$65 for 8 week 5k/10k training program.

$180 for 16-22 week marathon/half marathon training program.

$50 per month for month to month training, minimum two month commitment.

Options available (call for prices and availablility)

  • In person long distance running, speed workouts
  • Race day support/running partner
Online Coaching

Wellness Coaching Plan!

Whether you're near or far I can help you with whatever your goals. Wellness coaching is all inclusive and highly personalized. Services include:

  • A personalized website with a training schedule.
  • IM, email, Facebook, or Twitter access to your trainer for quick questions throughout the day.
  • Train for a marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, or other activity. I can work with your schedule to set up a training plan.
  • Access to local classes for locals.
  • One personalized workout a month with your trainer.
  • A training/exercise plan that works with your goals, your equipment, and your schedule. If something doesn't work, tell me and I change it.
  • Training plan for 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, base building, etc.
  • Daily access to your coach for help with nutrition, weight loss, or other fitness/nutrition areas.
  • Full access to Journey Nutrition.
  • Personalized support.
  • Local discounts.
  • Monthly newsletter with valuable articles, information, and access to private web areas with fitness and nutrition articles.
  • More!

Program requires a three month commitment. After three months, your subscription goes month to month at the rate of $50. If you no longer need that kind of guidance, lower level programs are available at the rate of $40-$10 a month.

Sign up for three months for $150! If you are satisfied, after 3 months do nothing and your subscription continues at the rate of $50 a month. If not, contact me and I will terminate your subscription at the end of the three month period.



Sign up for SIX months for $250 and get one month free!! If you are satisfied, after 6 months do nothing and your subscription continues at the rate of $50 a month. If not, contact me and I will terminate your subscription at the end of the three month period.


Personalized Meal Plan

Give me a list of your favorite foods and I'll generate a 7-day meal plan that will return to you a delicious, nutritious, healthy diet based on your dietary needs. The seven day plan will include meals and snacks based on what you've told me you like to eat. It will be a balanced diet based on the USDA current guidelines for healthy living. It won't be a fad diet designed to make you feel deprived so you can see some water weight drop on the scale. It will be healthy and sustainable and will get you kick-started into generating your own healthy eating plan.


Rock Star Program


If you're undecided about which class fits your budget, how about OPEN ACCESS TO ALL CLASSES AND PROGRAMS?

For $60 per month you can attend all of the classes that are currently running, as well as access Journey Nutrition. This includes the following classes:

  • Train for a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon.
  • Journey Fit Club weight loss class
  • Booty Busting Bootcamp
  • Trail Running Class (seasonal)
  • Stroller Strollers (summer only)

Plus VIP entry into any runs that are held by Journey Fitness such as the Cupcake Run and the Holiday Hunt to Help.

Cost is $60 per month, which is a substantial savings over individual classes! If you want to join with a son, daughter, grandchild or spouse, save 50% on the second person.

Journey Nutrition

Access a Personalized Nutrition Program developed by a NASA Engineer and based on USDA nutritional guidelines. This program goes beyond the free programs that inundate you with ads and offers. It allows you to input your daily food and calculates your nutritional values so that you can see how different foods impact your daily nutrition. Every day receive a nutrition "grade" that gives you instant feedback on the quality of your nutrition.

Low in a certain area? Click a button and get suggestions on what you should eat to increase you values. Too high in another area, click a button and see what you've eaten that day so you can adjust your nutrition

Not sure what to eat? Pull in one of the thousands of daily plans and make changes so that it works for you and your family. Print a shopping list for the week so you'll have everything on hand!

You can use the program to track weight, calories, nutrition, water intake, exercise, and even create personalized graphs! Go beyond calories, carbs/protein/fat and truly gain an understanding of the facts about food.

All this for just $10 a month. This is a GREAT plan for maintenance of weight loss where you no longer need the daily support of your trainer!

SAVE: Get 12 months for the price of 11!

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching