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Run with me this week! http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=262 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=262#respond Tue, 21 Jul 2009 18:39:07 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=262 Hey! Anyone want to go for a run?

Got out this morning and ran to Starbucks to take advantage of their free pastry day. Had coffee and scone, but should have made it free half-a-pastry day because that scone was NOT enjoying the bumpy run home!
Wednesday I shall, once again, be out at the track at 6:00 p.m. Join me! The track is open all day until dusk, so if you can’t make it out at 6:00, go at another time. The nice thing is, there is always a little breeze out there so in this weather the track is actually inviting!
Saturday is a BIG DAY!
8:00 a.m. 5k class–train for either the Irongirl 5k or the Run for Hope 5k (on Sept 12 and Sept 19 respectively) or heck, train for both! This is VERY newbie friendly and open to runners and walkers. Sign up through the City of Marysville at Jennings Park. They’re open from 9:00-5:00 daily.
9:00 a.m.
10k class–if you’re ready for a little longer distance, 8 weeks to a 10k! We’ll work on longer distances, starting at 3 miles. You’ll run with the half marathoners for the first 8 weeks of our half marathon training, so you’ll be in GREAT company!
Half marathon class–18 weeks to the Seattle Marathon! It’s amazing to think that we’re ready to start training for a chilly, damp, November race in the middle of summer…but it is that time!
Marathon class–Ready to go for the Big Kahuna! Train for the Seattle Marathon!
Coaches for this endeavor are:
Tory (that would be me)
Roy–Roy is going to be the half marathon and walking coach. He is taking a Racewalking Course in August and will help people who are looking to walk their first half marathon do it in style and good time.
Erin–Erin ran with us last time and was an eternal source of motivation, so she’s agreed to help out and run with us! Her goal is to help you reach YOUR goal!
Saturday is going to be hot, so if you’re joining us, bring lots of water and hydrate well before you come. I ran this morning at 7:00 and it was wonderful, but climbing up there! We’ll take it slow and easy so no one gets ill. We’ll also have lots of ice water at the end. Tip: Take your water bottle and put half water in it and freeze it so that you can drink COLD water on your run. Your body absorbs cold water faster than tepid water. It also helps bring your heart rate down. A study showed that people who drank ice water on a run lowered their heart rates by 5 beats per minute!
What we’ll run:
5k class–we’ll do a run/walk combo and it’ll be dependent upon the pace how much we run. It will be doable for EVERYONE and possibly more than you THINK you can run, so I’m not giving you mileage.
10k/half marathon–3 miles! That’s three miles at YOUR pace! No pushing it in this heat!
Marathoners–6 miles! Yes, 6! You can do it! After all, you’ve all run at least a half marathon. If you’re not up to 6, or are doing Torchlight that night, you can just do the three miles.
I am going to REALLY encourage you distance runners to consider run/walk combinations for this training. Run for 5 minutes, walk for 1. It is the best way to avoid heat issues and injury and I highly believe in it. I’ve run 24 marathons and have run 20 of them run/walk. My fastest marathon was running 5, walking 1 and felt next to effortless. My hardest marathon…I ran the entire time. Just sayin’
And for those who love the early morning…
No, I’m not going to make you run with guns over your head in knee deep mud! This is designed to build the muscles that runners use, while running. The format is going to be the group out on the road running with intervals of muscle building exercises, and a finish with some good core work.
Classes are Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:30. Be early! We start AT 5:30 and will leave the park at 5:40, so don’t be late. Monday is at Jennings Park and Wednesday is at Legion Park! Both parks have near park parking, so if they’re not open yet (they should be) we can park across the street and use the park.
Bring a fitness band and a yoga mat, unless you really want to get one with nature and grass…that’s your prerogative!
See you on the road!

Tory Klementsen
Certified Personal Fitness Professional
The successful person will do the things that the unsuccessful person will not.
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Garmin 310xt Review http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=260 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=260#respond Fri, 10 Jul 2009 21:40:59 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=260


Get the training information you need for peak performance during workouts in and out of the pool with the GPS-enabled Garmin Forerunner® 310XT heart rate monitor.

So Disappointing

Teechur Washington state 7/10/2009
2 5

Gift: No

Pros: Easy To Use, Gives A Quick Reading

Cons: Inaccurate

Best Uses: Running

Describe Yourself: Competitive Athlete

I had such high hopes for this! I’m a marathoner, ultra marathoner, and triathlete and I have owned a Garmin Forerunner since the first series. I love Garmin, so this isn’t “let’s bash Garmin.”

Loved it at first. I definitely like that it has the vibrating alarm as well as audible. It’s easy to use, easier than the 205 and 305 (which I have had). It catches the sats REALLY fast.

Unfortunately there were three issues that I couldn’t overlook. I suspect that they will be taken care of in future firmware updates, but for the price I couldn’t justify keeping it.

1. Swim distant wildly inaccurate. I took it out for a swim twice. The first time it had me swimming 4.5 miles in 40 minutes. SWEET! I qualify for the Olympics! The second time I wore attached to my goggles, figuring the arm going into the lake was the issue. It was better, but it was still off by about a mile. I realized I could probably wear my 205 under my goggles, in a waterproof bag, and get the same result or better.

2. The HRM is also inaccurate. I had the 305 and found the HRM inaccurate so I exchanged it for the 205 and wore another HRM. The calorie burn is important to me, as I am maintaining a 100 lb loss AND am an endurance athlete. I need to fuel correctly. During a marathon it had me burning less than 1500 calories.

3. The final straw was that it would charge to 100% then, while on the charger, start discharging. I could have waited for the upgrade for the other two things, but the 20 hour battery was a big selling point for me as I’m getting into longer ultras. Well if I don’t watch it, it discharges. If I take it off the charger, it discharges. It was a lose lose situation.

So back it went. Maybe when it’s better, I’ll purchase it again. Since I already owned a 205, the problems with it didn’t justify the extra cost.


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Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon Race Report http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=258 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=258#comments Tue, 07 Jul 2009 21:06:49 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=258 So last weekend I ran the Rock and Roll Marathon, what would be a good followup? Another marathon! I was actually really considering it, but decided that since I’d had pain on RnR that I’d wait a few days to see how my legs felt before committing to the full. In the end I decided to go with just the half. I had some tweaking in my right leg that ran from tweaking to out and out pain, so I was having these paranoid, “What if it’s a stress fracture??” attacks. I’m sure it isn’t.

So Megan and I decided to make it a girls weekend. She was unable to run Rock and Roll, so I found another one a week later on July 4 and suggested she do that. It was on Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon. We decided to leave on Friday and drive down and spend the weekend together, leaving the guys at home to fend for themselves.

What fun! We drove down, talking the entire time. By the time we got to Portland we wanted to just find our hotel and then carbo load. So about an hour later, we actually FOUND our hotel after getting misdirected about 37 times! It was getting comical! Fortunately they checked us in REALLY fast, and we magically found Spaghetti Factory right away!

We chatted over dinner, both of us belonging to the Clean Plate Club. I think we ROLLED out of there. But we were loaded, that’s for sure! And I don’t care what anyone says, I love Spaghetti Factory…they are my carbo loading restaurant of choice!

On the way down I pointed out some of the areas that, if we were running the Portland Marathon, we’d run through and by. I suggested that she might consider Portland, as it is a GREAT marathon and very similar to Rock and Roll, except it’s flat! She said she’d consider it…

We woke up nice and early Saturday morning after a decent night’s sleep. (I was listening to a Stephen King book on my iPod, and she was talking in her sleep.) We left for the six mile drive to Sauvie Island with PLENTY of time to spare.
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 1
As we neared the island traffic slowed.

As we got even closer, it slowed more.

Pretty soon we were crawling thinking that biking to the island might not have been a bad idea. (Never mind neither of us had bikes.)

The race started at 7:00. At about 7:15 we finally parked and saw this:
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 2

Hi other half marathoners!!

We didn’t stress at all! It was what it was. We were in the same boat as many others, as you can see from this shot taken just after we started:
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 3
Hi other half marathoners not in the race yet!

What a mellow start. We got out of the car, people were milling around despite the fact that most half marathoners had already taken off. The line for the porta potty was long, so we decided to wait until the course. We adjusted our stuff, and sauntered over to the start line, started our Garmins and we were off.

What a beautiful course! It’s a flat course around the island. The island is home to many small farms growing everything from Highland Cattle:
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 4

To wheat:
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 14

To giant iron ducks:
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 12

The course was VERY flat, which was a wonderful change after Rock and Roll. We talked a LOT and had our moments of merriment touching the center yellow line. MUahahahaha! We are such REBELS! (There was a guy on a motorbike riding up and down the course warning us in dire tones, to run on the fog line and NOT go near the center yellow line. How can you NOT touch the center line! We actually incited a bit of a rebellion after Megan touched it, I saw others behind me follow her lead. Use your powers for good, Megan. Use them for good.)
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 8
I think that lady on the left may be heading towards the yellow line! Quick! Stop her!

The entire run was just flat out pleasant. The organization was fantastic. Volunteers (except cranky motorcycle yellow line guy) were great. The fire department, for whom the funds were being raised, was out in force directing traffic and cheering us on. The entire course was calm and beautiful.

At about mile 5 Megan says to me, “Okay, you know how you talk about doing things that scare you? Portland Marathon scares me, but I think I want to do it.” Yay! See, I use my powers for good! I told her that with 12 weeks to go and a really good, solid training under her, she could totally do it. Our new training starts in a few weeks, so we’ll just go out and do extra mileage at the end of every run.

Megan’s Action Shot:
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 17

Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 19As we neared the finish line I could hear the strawberry shortcake calling my name! At that point I was thinking “I could ToTaLlY have run the full marathon” but then Strawberry started singing her siren song, and the pull was too strong. We zipped in, had our photo taken, and hightailed it over to FRESH strawberry shortcake! Best Post Run Food EVER!
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 23

We also took some time to take in some of the sights at the farm. What a neat little place! It’s the Pumpkin Farm, with little shops, a little animal zoo, and a cow train:
Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 20Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 21Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 22

We drove home, stopping to pick up two dogs on the way (Megan does Aussie rescue), and talked about Portland. As soon as we got home Megan posted to Facebook that she was going to run the Portland Marathon. I responded, and shortly after Erin responded that she would do it if she could tag along! Woot! Woot! Three girls, loose, in Portland running a marathon! CrAzY times ahead!

This was a GREAT half marathon. I will totally do it again and have already suggested to Roy that we do it next year. In fact, both Seattle and Foot Traffic Flat were well organized, well stocked, and wonderful runs. They were quite different…one much more “big city” than the other. But both were equally enjoyable and will definitely be on my race calendar next year.

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Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle-Race Report http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=250 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=250#comments Tue, 07 Jul 2009 20:34:38 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=250 Last year I ran the Seafair Marathon and while I really wanted to love it, I really didn’t. It was disorganized to the point of being dangerous. It was hot and hilly. It was a fantastic challenge, but it was one of the hardest races I’ve run. So when I heard that Elite Racing had taken over and was going to bring a Rock and Roll race to Seattle, I was thrilled! I registered the day it opened!

I also decided to hold a training for Rock and Roll. I have coached in the past through Seattle Fit, which is a great organization. However, I had to give it up when gas got so expensive it simply wasn’t sensible for me to drive to Seattle every weekend. I was tired of having to go elsewhere to find people to run with, so I decided to focus on my home town and start a program here. In July of last year I became a Certified Personal Trainer and started my first running group; a 5k training program that took us to the AFLAC Irongirl 5k.

So in January I started my first marathon/half marathon training group with a handful of people who were dedicated to running their first full or half marathon. The group grew to ten people, and stopped being a running group and turned into friends within weeks. We ran together every Saturday through rain, snow, more rain, cold cold cold, and in the end intense heat. We shared owies and stories on the run. We had our ever-present support, Roy, who marked the routes and ran water and snack stops. We learned about each other’s kids, childhoods, likes, and dislikes.
Water stop on a long run

Finally it was time! The big day had come! Most of us met at the expo on Friday (some of us even went Thursday too, mainly to take advantage of the $50 registration for next year’s Seattle Rock and Roll). We shopped. We shopped some more. We talked running and gu and chafing and sports bras.
Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-02 PM12
Then we headed to carbo load at Buca de Beppo. Dinner was fantastic, once we got it. It took over 90 minutes for them to serve us from our order being taken! I think next time Spaghetti Factory will be our destination…the food was great, the server was nice (it wasn’t his fault) but we were starting to gnaw on the table linens and we ALL had an early morning the next day!
Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-02 PM13Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-04 PM17

The next morning dawned bright and early…well, dark and early. Roy and I stayed in a hotel in Seattle and got up WELL before dawn to make our way to Qwest field to catch a shuttle to the start. Not knowing how well organized it would be, we left early. I was VERY impressed with how quickly we were aboard a bus with lots of other runners chatting excitedly…runners of all shapes and sizes, with the same goal. We were all there to meet a personal challenge. I was there to see my runners run their first full or half marathon. Roy was there to prove that knee surgery wasn’t going to stop him from enjoying races. (He had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus 6 weeks prior to the race. Unfortunately it hasn’t helped diminish the pain at all. He also has bad arthritis in his knees, but it is what it is, and he’s still determined to do half marathons.)

Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-05 PM18Runners Ready to Rumble

I called Erin from the bus and found out she was already to the Athlete’s Village and in Starbucks (makes me feel so OFFICIAL). Once we got there I headed over to the porta potty line…just in case. As John Bingham advises…get in line, use it, then get in line again! It was CHILLY but sunny and I was wishing, aloud, that I’d brought a garbage bag when the lady next to me handed me one without a word. Runners are GREAT people. We all support and cheer each other. Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-06 PM20

Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-07 PM22Erin met up with us and we chatted excitedly. After awhile we headed to our corral. As soon as I got in I started finding people I knew! Joan and Brandy from last year’s half ironman training were there. We talked and high fived and took pictures. It wasn’t long…okay, it WAS long…before we were off. Okay, not OFF so much as we started shuffling and stopping and shuffling and stopping. Music was blaring, John Bingham was calling out well wishes (and warning people not to jump corrals). We were in corral 26, so it was a full 45 minutes before we actually crossed the start line! Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-08 PM23

We started out running from Tukwila towards Seattle. There were lots of silly costumes. The bands started right before mile one and every single one of them was fantastic. I was quieter than normal during the first few miles, which I think worried Erin at first. Unfortunately standing for so long just KILLS my back and I was waiting for it to relax and release. It was singing OPERA and I was having a hard time really getting into a running rhythm because of it. After awhile I realized it probably was going to just hurt the entire time, so I said to myself “It is what it is” and decided to stop thinking about it and start enjoying myself. (I have arthritis of the back and running usually helps ease the pain, but every now and again it doesn’t. This was one of those days. Oh well!)
Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-08 PM24Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-10 PM27Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-11 PM29Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-11 PM30Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-13 PM32Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-14 PM35

By mile 5 I was feeling pretty good and was enjoying swapping stories with Erin. We were enjoying the bands (grumbling when they were on breaks…how DARE they!). I saw a LOT of people I knew and enjoyed calling out to them. At mile six we were greeted with a magical moment! We were running along Lake Washington, which is beautiful in its own right. Suddenly there was a slight hubbub and all around us runners were jetting to the side, grabbing cell phones and cameras. Why? Was the mountain out? Bigfoot? Nope, it was a beautiful bald eagle. Oh it was amazing…absolutely breathtaking. I stopped and took a picture, and whispered a prayer of thanks to the Lord for blessing us with this beautiful creature. He must have been there for quite some time because race reports I’ve read from people who finished before and after me, mentioned this eagle. Rock and Roll Marathon 2009 6-27-2009 4-22-16 PM39

At mile nine we were treated to a run across the Lake Washington Bridge. I tell you, I never tire of crossing this bridge by bike or by foot. The scenes were fantastic. I also really enjoy the out and back. I was able to cheer on many friends who were faster than I am, and many friends who were behind me (at least at that point). LOTS of Marathon Maniacs were on the course that day!
Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009

Next we went into the tunnel. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about how loud it was (it was) and how hot it was (it was) but you know…I just go with the flow. Seldom do I find the need to complain about a transient experience because I know that it’s only a blink of time, so I just enjoyed it.Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009 I especially enjoyed this guy. Hee hee!

Before you know it we could see the Seattle skyline! Yay! The end was…okay the end wasn’t NEAR, but it was nearER, right? Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009 This was just before mile 13. Another welcome sight was this guy: Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009. I had been worrying a LOT about how he was doing. It was SO nice to see him with only a few miles to go and still a smile on his face. Whew!

Woo hoo! Halfway done!
Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009

We made our way along the freeway passing half marathoners with their eyes on the finish when I saw Torie ahead. I ran up to catch her and see how things were going. Sadly she was in a LOT of pain and rather down that she’d had to walk a lot of the race. She’d been having IT band pain for quite awhile and we were hoping that two weeks of rest, ice, and lots of massage/foam rolling would help. You just never CAN tell on race day what will happen! I walked with her for quite awhile until she had to turn off to her finish. Erin graciously went ahead and let me hang with Torie for awhile. I told her that we would have a WAY better experience on the next race! I said goodbye at the turnoff and sent up a quick prayer that she’d feel proud of her performance despite the walking.

It felt like a LONG time before I caught up with Erin again. I ran on my own for awhile and then came upon Joan. We walked and ran and talked quite a bit about how things were in our lives, and our goals to complete an ironman at some point. After a mile or so I ran on. In another mile I came upon Marie. I’d just passed Tim (her husband) who was doing his first full marathon on his 50th birthday. She anxiously asked if I’d seen him and I told her I had, that he was walking but looked good. She was quite relieved! About half mile later I made a quick pitstop and then zipped back out on the street. I saw Tim so slowed to walk with him for awhile. He was having knee pain, but was in good spirits. I really enjoy Tim and Marie (I’ve run a number of marathons with Marie) so it was great to see him! I felt like I needed to keep on moving, hoping to catch up with Erin.

About mile 16 I saw this: Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009 Yay! Erin! She was in good spirits, although we were on Highway 99 and it was getting H O T! It was a LONG out and back with very little shade. We saw each other on the other side of the street and she slowed to wait for me. I hurried as fast I could to join her so we could finish up together.

As the temperatures climbed our energy waned. We were both feeling it, although by that time I think it was hitting Erin a little harder than it was me, so I tried REALLY hard to keep up the chatter and keep things light and fun. I’ve run some hot marathons before, so I knew that the longer you’re out in the sun, the more it just saps you. We both took a lot of comfort from the shirts of others, like this one. Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009

We started doing run/walk with more walking than running as the sun beat down harder. We tried to enjoy the beautiful views from the viaduct, and talked about how even though it was hard, we were blessed to have healthy bodies and be able to be out there doing this. Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009 Erin was starting to really tire and was telling me to go on without her. Of course I had NO desire to do that! After all, I had gotten her into this crazy venture! It was up to me to get her through it, if need be. At mile 24 we were walking and roasting and she started telling me that she was never going to do it again. I warned her to never ever make pronouncements while still on the marathon. Marathons are like childbirth…it’s a wonderful journey to get there, the day of is full of surprises, pain, and anticipation…there are points where you wish you could turn back but it is too late…and two days later you forget the pain and remember only the fun, the images, and are left with a wonderful sense of pride (and a baby, or so I’m told…personally I like being left with a medal). I encourage Erin to take another gu, even with only two miles to go, because I could tell her mood was NOT a happy one. She did so (I think) just to humor me. I think it helped.

Mile 25 was long as we traveled along the railroad tracks with not much to look at, although we did enjoy this graffiti art on a boxcar: Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009 Erin’s son is named Max, so we declared mile 26 for Max, and ran it in! As we ran down the ramp towards Qwest Field and could hear the music and see the indications that, at any moment, we’d glimpse the finish line, Erin’s Gu kicked in and she gave me a good hard run for my money! No fair! LOL! We ran in the last .2 miles hard and fast (fast being a relative term at the age of 44 after 26 miles in the heat and hills)! Finally we finished! Yay! It was hot, it was hard, but it was DONE! Woot! Woot!

We were spent, though! We grabbed water and a snack and wanted to immediately get to our cars and go HOME! Roy had texted me that he was going to be in the van, so I hadn’t noticed him cheering for me at the finish. (I’m sad I missed it, but I misread his text as I was running and reading it at the same time.) We tried to catch a girl with chocolate chip cookies, but she ran out so we just gave up and hugged and said goodbye.

I saw Linda on the way out and we both agreed that while it was fun, it was a HARD course. It wasn’t horrible, don’t get me wrong. It was hilly and hot, but the course itself wasn’t bad. I would change, if I could, the last six miles on 99. Being on the viaduct was nice, but being on 99 forever and ever and out near the trainyards was NO JOY.

I met Roy in the van. He was in a LOT of pain, but he did have cotton candy for me! Best husband EVER! We zipped home and straight to the funky Chinese buffet in town where you can get sesame balls, octopus, mashed potatoes, and little smokies wrapped in dough. (Huh???) Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009

After I got home I emailed everyone and asked them how they did! Unfortunately I only did see Torie on the route, and missed seeing Cindy, Trista, Becky, and Tamie! Everyone had a GREAT time and were so excited. Trista told me she was thinking she wasn’t going to do another one, but found herself poring over flyers for upcoming races the next day. Hahaha! Yup! It’s a strange, sick addiction!

Incidentally, Erin signed up for the Portland Marathon today. She has also agreed to be my right hand gal on our Seattle Marathon training starting in July! Never say never!

We did go to the free Keb Mo and Ryan Shaw concert out at Marymoor that night. Oh my gosh they were both FANTASTIC! Great, mellow music that was just the right touch after a long hot day. While I was almost ready to say I was too tired to go, I thought “When do I get a free ticket to an outdoor concert on an evening when the weather is actually PERFECT?” The answer was never, so we went and I’m glad we did. Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009Rock and Roll Marathon Seattle 2009

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Running This Week-Week of July 6 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=252 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=252#respond Tue, 07 Jul 2009 19:18:40 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=252 Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m kind of bummed our hot weather is gone for awhile, but it does make for more pleasant running weather, that’s for sure!

Just an update of opportunities this week!

Wednesday: Come out and walk or run with me on Wednesday evening at the MPHS track. No charge, no commitment, no sweat…well, maybe some sweat. It’s just intended to be friends running and walking together and having some fun. If you’re curious about any of the upcoming running classes, aren’t sure you’re ready, and want to talk…this is a great time!

Trail Running Series is underway!

We had fun on Wednesday running at Arlington’s Riverside Meadows. It was just a great day for a nice, easy run. Don’t be intimidated if you’re not sure you can run trails…that’s what the series is for! This is a “get your feet wet” kind of program.

This Wednesday we’ll be meeting at 8 a.m. at Jennings Park to trek up to Paradise Valley Trails and run 3-5 miles on very well marked, beautiful trails. I ran this run a few weeks ago and couldn’t WAIT to go back! If you haven’t signed up, you’re welcome to join us for individual runs for $20.

Sunday we’ll run Lord Hill Park in Snohomish. Again we will meet at Jennings Park and carpool up to the trails. Lords Hill is a pretty peaceful trail with some beautiful views of some beaver ponds.

I’ll provide maps, water, snacks, and directions and transportation (as many as can fit in my van)…and guidance and conversation!

The City of Marysville is still taking registration for the 5k class starting on July 25 at 8 a.m. at Jennings Park! I think this is going to be a well attended class, which is great! The more the merrier! Our goal is the AFLAC Irongirl 5k on September 12 (date was changed). This is a GREAT race complete with an expo the day before and breakfast after the race, a medal, a stuffed duck, other goodies, and an awesome technical shirt.

If you’re ready for longer distances, here are some options ALSO starting July 25 at 9 a.m.

Train for a 10k. Irongirl also has a 10k, and some who have already run their 5k asked me about longer distance training. After reviewing the half marathon training schedule, I realized that it would take you right up to a 10k in 8 weeks!

Train for a half marathon/marathon: Our goals are Portland, Seattle Marathon, and/or Ghost of Seattle Marathon or half marathon! If you’re new to long distance running, the half marathon program is the one for you. We increase mileage gradually and consistently. Roy is going to be the half marathon walking coach, and will be taking a course in racewalking for those who might be interested in that.

If you have run your first half marathon and ready to go for the full enchilada, sign up for the marathon program! If you can run at least 5 miles then you too can join us at the Seattle Marathon with some training! Training with a group just makes it easier and more fun!

Are you looking to pump up your mornings with some cross training that helps build runner-specific muscles, including core work, that are essential to injury free running? Consider joining our Runners Boot Camp! BC starts on July 27 at Jennings Park at 5:30 a.m. Yes, you read that right…5:30 in the morning! Imagine getting a great workout in before work and having the rest of the day to feel good about yourself! Wednesday classes will start at Legion Park at 5:30 a.m. Sign up for both classes or just one. Classes run for 4 weeks and will include walking, jogging, glute work, quad work, core work, and a refreshing cooldown. Bring with you your running shoes, a fitness band, and a yoga mat for the last 15 minutes of class. Note all classes are outside and take place on the road and in the parks, even if it rains! After all, nothing like a nice morning shower to refresh and invigorate! (Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.)

For more information, check it out at www.jfrunners.com. All classes available to sign up through Active.com except the 5k class which is run through the Marysville Parks and Rec department. Call them at: (360) 363-8300 or drop in at Jennings Park between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. My programs are all dedicated to getting people of all ages and fitness levels out and having fun!

See you on the road!

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What I Saw on my Run Today–May 26, 2009 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=247 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=247#respond Wed, 27 May 2009 03:06:13 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=247 Today I ran down to the park to meet Charlene, part of the 5k program, to run at 5:00. On the way I saw this! How exciting is that? Okay, maybe YOU’RE not excited, but to me it is an indication that our community is doing GREAT THINGS towards healthier living! The mileage is marked all the way around the Jennings Park Loop (which is my go to run when I need 4 miles because it goes right in front of my house). Aren’t I lucky to live with a running path so close? Literally it’s right outside my front door, and down the end of the driveway.
Running in May 003

After Charlene and I ran, I hung out and waited for the rest of the group. They joined me at 6:00 and we did a similar run (not quite as long). Beautiful night. It was a bit chilly at times, because the clouds kept covering the sun. But overall, it was kind of pretty!

After showing Laura how to use her Garmin, I ran back home!

Run: Training with my 5k class
Total Mileage: .42+3.4+2.85+.46=7.13 miles
Total time: 1:28
Blessing: Signs that our city is working to help its citizens get healthier! Yay!
Total Mileage for the Week: 10.2 miles

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What I Saw on my Run Today–Memorial Day, May 25, 2009 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=236 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=236#respond Tue, 26 May 2009 02:07:15 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=236 Slow run, but I’m recovering, plus it was a trail and I had to jump a few logs and avoid MOST of the nettles. Decided to try out the little trail by Union Slough. Pretty flat (except I went the wrong way at first, hence the log jumping). Very pretty day, and while the trail isn’t long (only a mile) I can see running from home to the end and back for about a 4.5-5 mile round trip. Roy waited for me at the trailhead and watched me run (lest a monster eat me), since someone dropped my cell phone in the toilet and it no longer works.
May Days 008

Wrong turn!
May Days 005

Nice little trail
May Days 006

It does grow “up” a bit! I used to be SO allergic to Scotch Broom!

Run: Union Slough Trail
Distance: 3.03 miles
Time: 34:11
Blessing: Being out on the beautiful waterfront
Total mileage this week: 3.03

Then we went to Seattle, had lunch at Cheesecake Factory (note to self…don’t look at nutrition information next time), and wandered around Pike Place for an hour. Saw “Grease” with Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel, and got his autograph for my classroom wall. (I had it from when he was on the American Idol tour, but it burned up.) A very very nice Memorial Day.

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What I Saw on the Run – May 24, 2009 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=219 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=219#respond Mon, 25 May 2009 05:43:39 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=219 Nothing.

I woke up with a horrible chest cold, so today I did not run. This is the first day I’ve missed a run since last year. I have to be smart, though. I am much too busy to take a day off from coaching or teaching, so I have to be smart and rest when I can.

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What I Saw on my Run Today – May 23, 2009 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=221 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=221#respond Sun, 24 May 2009 05:43:47 +0000 http://journeyfitnessonline.com/wordpress/?p=221 Call of the Wild Marathon

This was my 23rd marathon. I ran it with my marathon/half marathon training group. We had a GREAT time on a beautiful day running along the Sammamish River.

The marathon was organized by Adrian Call, one of those CRAZY Marathon Maniacs! About 50 people ran just for the fun of it. He arranged a marathon, a half marathon, and a 20 miler for those who wanted to just do a training run. His wife made pancakes at the end, and let me tell you…pancakes taste AWESOME after 26.2 miles!

I started with Erin and Ron, but Erin and I were planning to do 5:1 run/walk, and Ron wanted to run it in. We lost him at the first walk, but were hoping to catch back up again. We never did as he was a speed demon!

Half marathoners from JF Runners were: Trista, Gloria, Shirley (and her hubby), Tamie, Becky, and Megan! They ALL finished their first half marathon and everyone felt relatively good at the end! We missed having Torie and Cindy with us, but Torie was in the Methow Valley running her first trail run, a 10k (she rocked it) and Cindy had finished her first half marathon the week before in Delaware!

I took video on this one, and here you go:

Run: Call of the Wild Marathon
Total Mileage: 26.79 (because I took a wrong turn so did extra credit)
Total time: 5:19 (although Garmin said closer to 5:05, but it did pause when I stopped at water stops)
Blessing: Running with Erin and seeing all my friends feeling so strong and powerful about themselves. Seeing my wonderful husband at four different places on the route. He ran a water stop for us. He’s the best!
Total Mileage for the Week: 77.92 my LONGEST week yet!

This was not my best run. I could tell within the first mile that my cold was settling into my chest. Fortunately it wasn’t bad enough to stop me, but it sure did sap my energy! I don’t know why, but I just could not get mojo going on. At mile 24 when I saw Roy for the last time I said, “Honey, this run is just sucking for me!” Of course at that point I couldn’t quit, but I honestly wanted to and that rarely happens. I know it was mostly mental, though. I was concerned that Erin was going to be okay. She had decided not to finish about mile 21, and I thought for sure we were just around the corner from Roy at that point. Of course every corner I turned, he wasn’t there. Three miles after I left her, I found him! Of course I knew she was fine in my head. She’s an adult, perfectly capable, was not ill or injured but was just tired. She’d hydrated and fueled just fine. But still, I felt bad leaving her. If I’d known Roy was 3 miles away, I wouldn’t have. My plan was to run to him (I thought he was within 1/4 mile…have I mentioned I have no sense of direction?) and let him know she was coming, possibly run back to her to make sure she was fine, then finish. So really I think it was the mental “Surely he’s just around THIS corner” thing along with “Should I go back to her? Should I go forward? Should I stop?” was over half the battle.

In fact, once I knew he was there, waiting for her, and she was fine, the last two miles were hard, but not nearly as hard as the previous three.

It was AWESOME to see Ron and Trista at the finish line. Ron looked tired, but happy. Trista looked fantastic, like she’d just climbed out of bed after a great rest! She didn’t look tired at all!

The breakfast was great…bananas, pancakes, cookies, etc. I had a pancake and a banana and a piece of lemon pound cake and a few almonds. Adrian’s wife and I swapped yogurt recipes and chatted. Finally Roy showed up with Erin. She looked great, tired, but really upbeat.

I am so proud of everyone! Erin ran her longest run (24.37 miles). Ron ran his first marathon. Trista, Gloria, Tamie, Becky, Shirley, and Megan all ran their first marathon. Way to go everyone!!!!

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